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Saturday, May 29, 2010

We're back online

Yes this is a random photo of one of our lovely Vampires, Cat D. Cat currently plays Scarlet the Vampire in our most recent episode Monsters Vs. Cops. Please check it out.

Servers are back up. Hoping that everyone is able to reach

We're getting down to it now. And we need more pledges. So please do what you can to spread the word, and if you can, please, PLEASE, make a pledge. You can pledge as low as $1. JUST $1!!!!

Sorry. Didn't mean to yell.

As I've stated before, we'll be going ahead with a new episode soon. But only if we get the funding in can we, for sure, do more than 1 episode (3 more, possibly 4, which would make a total of 5 or 6). And if we get the funding then we can definitely setup digital downloads, and of course the special edition DVD Series 1 of Monster Cops.

We'll continue to pump out as much Monster Cops content as we can. Our ultimate goal is to provide those digital downloads, put out DVD's, and at the sametime create an equal amount of free content for you to see on the website, for as long as we can, and as long as people like it.

If we can reach our goal of $4,000 then it's all good. If we do not reach that goal in the next 15 days, then the pledges go away, and we'll resign ourselves to producing what we can when we can, which means 2 year hiatus between episodes.

Thank you so much to those who have pledged so far. And thank you to all those who've messaged us, tweeted us, emailed us, your messages of support for our series. Gotten alot of really great feedback from everyone about the newest episode Monsters Vs. Cops. So glad you guys like the ending, I was rather proud of it.

The next episode is the Vampire episode. Alot of Vampire vs. Military action. Can't wait to get started, and I hope we'll have the funding soon to really nail that episode, and make that one as great as it can be.

We hope to have some screenings coming up at different fests and venues and we'll be sure to let you guys know when those come up.

If you're interested in being a Vampire or auditioning for the next episode and you can make it out to the Winston Salem, NC area, feel free to message me through the contact form.

Thanks again to all our supporters. If we can raise this money, I will sleep with all of you (not really).

- Patrick A. Prejusa

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