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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Missing In Action

No this is not a blog about the classic Chuck Norris series of action movies. (Which I love by the way.) Just figured Missing In Action was the best way to describe Monster Cops at this stage.

We are indeed MIA. But we are not without a battle plan. Monster Cops has no budget. We make em because we love to make em and with whatever resources we can. Sadly this means we are at the mercy of all sorts of scheduling conflicts as well as our day jobs. Oh if only we could make Monster Cops for a living. If it's in the cards or not, well that's something we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime we try to do the best that we can with the time we've got. Monster Cops is also on hold do to a few other projects that are being worked on as well. For more on all that, feel free to check out my personal site PATRICKPREJUSA.COM

We already have alot of footage shot for the next few episodes and webisodes. And coming up soon we'll have a few production days just to work on Monster Cops.

Like I said before, we have no money, but if you'd like to help us and you're accessible to Winston Salem, North Carolina, we'd love to have you. I'm always looking for new crew members, actors, and possible recruits to be Monster Cops and even to help out with some of our other productions. Feel free to contact me HERE.

And hey, if you happen to want to give us some money to help out with production necessities, then by all means contact me.

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, and that all of you will have an amazing Christmas and brilliant New Year. Monster Cops will be back on track soon.

- Patrick

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

Ok, a bit early, but for us everyday is Halloween.

There are delays. Next episode won't be available til Nov. Hope to have many more videos before the end of this year. We are working at it as I post this.

But lemme also take this time to plug two of my other projects.

Bobby's Closet is a feature film with a budget of about 60,000. Here's a video blog explaining the movie.

Check the official site at Looks like we'll start shooting in later spring.

Also working on right now, a gothic action version of Red Riding Hood, called REDD.
Working on casting, costumes, and fx right now. Just finished the score. Here's a sample.

Please help us out and tell everyone you know about these projects, and of course tell everyone about Monster Cops.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Thanks to everyone who have emailed and or messaged me about Monster Cops. We are still currently on hold. I've had some commercial work to do as well as other video projects to work on. Right now I'm prepping for possibly TWO feature films that we'll be working on in the next few months, and I promise, somewhere in there we'll pump out some Monster Cops stuff. Planning to finish the episode entitled MONSTERS Vs. COPS of which we posted the cold open for already. And there is potential to do a couple of webisodes, possibly 3.

Someone asked what is the difference between episodes and webisodes. Webisodes are short between 3 to 10 minutes. Episodes are longer between 15 to 24 minutes.

Several of you have asked what movies I am working on and is one of them a Monster Cops movie. Currently I am putting together the resources and the financing for a feature film I wrote titled BOBBY'S CLOSET. It is a Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Horror, Comedy and it is NOT Monster Cops related.

The second feature film is one I am currently writing and is NOT Monster Cops either, but is somewhat related to Monster Cops and is part of that universe.

For more info on all that keep an eye on my blog over at my site

We are casting for both. A full cast list will be posted everywhere soon. If you're interested in parts for either feature or Monster Cops, feel free to email me pumpkinking13 @ msn . com

Monster Cops will return with new videos before Halloween.

Thank you all for the support, it is very much appreciated.

- Patrick

Friday, July 31, 2009

Ghostbustin 911

Ghostbustin 911 is very much similar in tone to Monster Cops. A camera crew follows a Ghostbusters group around as they do their Ghostbustin thang. Monster Cops makes a cameo appearance in their second episode. Yay for Cross Promotion. Check the episode below and check out their official site here:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monsters Vs. Cops COLD OPEN (Rough Cut)

This is the cold open for the next Monster Cops Episode titled MONSTERS Vs. COPS. It's about 5 minutes and is a rough cut, missing some shots, also parts of it will be reshot. The complete episode will be about 20 minutes long.

For more please check out

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Monster Cops is a labor of love. It's also one none of us are getting paid for. If you're part of our cast and crew, you're doing it for the same reasons I'm doing it. Because you believe in this thing called Monster Cops and you think that it'll make a great web series/TV show/feature film. Unless you are Chris and Brandon then you're doing it strictly for resume credit and because you're bored.

One of these days we'll have somewhat of a budget and we can then deliver what I truly have in my head. But until then we will continue to make webisodes and episodes trying to show you my vision, doing the best with what we've got. Just not for the next month.

Other projects are a callin, and perhaps we may squeeze in a shoot for Monster Cops in the next few weeks, but for the most part I'm going to be bombarded with other production work at least until after July 4th. Hopefully after then we can get back into the swing of Monster Cops and complete another episode and a few more webisodes.

For more details on the other projects we're working on feel free to check out my site

I hope to at least have a vlog or two up on over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that. Thank you everyone for all your support.

- Patrick

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Production Page

updated with items and locations listing.

As I said I would.

- P

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MC Vlog Zombie Day May 16th

The great Zombie shoot we had on May 16th and all it's gory glory.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pics From Zombie Day The 16th

Just a select few pics from the great Zombie Shoot we had last Saturday at Northwoods Stable.

Special thanks to Angela, Dina, and William for the pics.
Vlog to come.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Had a great time last night, hope everyone else did as well. Vlogs and Pics are forth coming. If you were there and you have some pics, I'd love for you to email me some copies so I can post em. Thank you EVERYONE for helping us out. We will definitely be doing this again in the future.

- Patrick

Friday, May 15, 2009


It's all a go. If you're planning to head out to be a zombie this Saturday, then we will see you there. If you're in the Winston Salem, NC area, and you want to come out to be a zombie for a Monster Cops episode, then check out THIS PAGE and we'll see you there too.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zombie Day Rain

Looks like rain this Saturday. Would love to shoot through it. But if we can't figure out how to keep everyone dry, then it's a no go. We'll see what happens in the next few days.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Something Amazing

Inching my way towards a complete episode. The last one (Shadow Company) I really loved, but I need more horror. More Monsters, more Cops, and definitely an AHA moment. To borrow a phrase from Oprah. The AHA moment which I also call the Two Cathedral's moment. Two Cathedral's is the name of one of my favorite West Wing episodes. The end of that episode was very much an AHA moment, or more like a WOW moment.

That's what I want in this episode. I do indeed want to continue to make episodes and webisodes, and we will, even for no money. But I want this to be a final example of what I'm aiming for. I want this episode to really hit a home run. And what is that home run exactly? You should be wowed by what is accomplished with such a low (no) budget. And when the end titles hit you should say to yourself "Wow, that was amazing."

The deal with no budget means you are at the mercy of everyone's schedule as well as every part of life that you can't solve with a bit of money. If we had a budget, of course, we could pay everyone and buy things we need, as opposed to wonder about people's schedules and rig something together. Don't get me wrong, it's a blast to create from nothing, I do love it. But the thrill of doing something from nothing does at times collide with the storytelling process. I know what I want story wise, but I can't just make it happen with no money. I have to take a look at what I've got, can get, or might get, and write around it. Which means the end of this episode may not be exactly what I envisioned.

It's a compromise I've written about before. Writing around what you've got. Yes we are a talented group. Yes we can make alot happen. But we are still at the mercy of how reality evolves your creation. Alot of it is planned, but much of it is planned improvisation. Which often does alter that Wow moment. But you do your best and forget the rest.

Stress is a part of the problem. I've had to explain to someone recently, who didn't fully understand this process. They ask, Why was it so hard? Why couldn't I just get it done? Like all of creation, it takes time. I envy the sculptor who has only a rock and a chisel, or even clay and their hands. As a no budget moviemaker it's way more than that. I'm not just the director and writer, two jobs that require full attention. Besides that I have to be the production manager, the fx supervisor, the casting director, the editor, the mixer, the costumer, the caterer, the transportation, the prop builder, the composer, the marketer, the pr, the light designer, web master, PA, AD, DP, DOA, SOS, NWA and the list goes on. All of it with no money, and on a limited schedule.

I do indeed have people who help me. Thankfully every once in a while I will have someone else who can worry about the make up, squibs, fx. Everyone on set is always willing to help carry something, hold something, move something. You know who you are and I thank you. And as much of a big help that is, there are still many hats on my head. It's stressful, it's insane, and it'll make you wanna pull your hair out, have you seen my head?

So why do I do it. Because I believe in that WOW moment. I believe I can hit that home run. I believe I can make more than one person say "Wow, that was amazing." And in the end that's all I really want, just to show you something amazing.

We need more amazing in the world.

- Patrick



WHEN: Saturday May 16th at 6:00pm

WHERE: Northwoods Stables, Winston Salem, NC.

DIRECTIONS: Google Maps this address

Northwoods Stables
5225 Murray Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27105

Looking for anyone and everyone to play a zombie. We'll put you in make up. But if you wanna come dressed and ready to go, even better.

Wear something you don't mind getting messed up, you may be getting bloody and falling to the ground since we're going to kill most of you.

This will be used in Monster Cops Episodes and Webisodes.

Monster Cops is an Action/Comedy/Horror/Web/Short Film Series about a secret goverment agency dedicated to killing monsters. For more info on Monster Cops check out the official site

For more info visit:

Any questions feel free to contact Patrick A. Prejusa at

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Prod Vlog March/April 09

Monster Cops Production Vlog. March to April 09. And there might even be some February in there as well. Currently working on one Untitled 20 Min episode. Also going to create at least 3 more webisodes before Summer. Continuing my quest to show you the full entertainment potential of Monster Cops.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Horrofest Screening

Screening at StarFest/HorrorFest
April 19th
11:00 am
Denver Colorado

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Still Working

In the middle of it all. Working on rewrites for the next 20 minute episode. We start shooting next week. All locations are accounted for. I think. A GIANT monster is being built for this one. In the middle of finishing the rest of the props and weapons.

Still looking to cast a few more parts, Vampires, Zombies, and a few officers. If you're in the Winston Salem, NC area and are interested in auditioning, feel free to contact us through Myspace.

I hope to have at least 3 more webisodes up before June, as well as this 20 minute episode finished by mid may. Gotten some great feedback on the webisodes, but mind you, the webisodes are all comedy based. We have yet to display the full span of horror, action, and comedy in the webisodes, which I hope to do in the next 3.

All the webisodes are in the process of being uploaded to So if you go there, right now you'll only find the MC Intro. The more content we create, the more I'm leaning to putting it also on a program loop on Although we post everywhere, you'll find everything that needs to be seen at

Also, you should be able to see the newish Monster Cops Twitter feed somewhere to the left. Feel free to follow us at

And we'd love for everyone to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

We also have a screening of Monster Cops: Shadow Compnay coming up at STARFEST/HORRORFEST in Denver. More details coming soon on that.

Back to work I go, and please keep checking back for updates.

- Patrick

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zombie Saturday Night

A few pics from last Sat Night. Great job everyone. Next time will be a HUGE zombie blow out. More Zombies, more heads blown off.

And a small preview.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let the midnight special shine a light on me

The signs are everywhere and I can't ignore them. I've been reminded full force of things from the past and it gives me clarity when working on the future.

Credence Clearwater Revival's classic song "Midnight Special". I listened to it constantly when working on the first Monster Cops script, The Midnight Special.

It was this song and 2 others.

Whodini's Classic of Hip-Hop "The Freaks Come Out at Night"

And the one that really inspired me when working on Monster Cops (and still does to this day): The Hollies classic "Long Cool Woman"

It's these three songs I had put on a repeat over and over the entire time I worked on The Midnight Special. To me these songs captures a strong part of the spirit that is Monster Cops. CCR's Midnight Special had that down home rock and blues tone that you really don't associate too much with horror and monsters. Which is why I found it well suited for Monster Cops. It was the feel of how the Cops operated while under the strain of hunting creatures. Cool and groovy, a tone you wouldn't put with hammering stakes in to Vampire hearts. That's the tone of Monster Cops.

The Freaks Come Out at Night was a song that felt right over images of patrol cars looking for, well, freaks. Cops on patrol, investigating strange situations hunting zombies and ghouls. Like driving through neighborhood streets on Halloween Night, seeing costumed creatures roaming around. Plus it was an old school song that did remind me of that Halloween feel, only because it would always end up on someones Halloween music mixtape along with Thriller, The Halloween Theme, and Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes.

And finally Long Cool Woman was always a favorite of mine. Definitely my fav song from The Hollies and in my top 10 of classic rock songs. This song always felt like great background narration for some undercover cop closing in for the arrest, or DEA agents on a bust. Desipte what it's lyrics may define it as, to me this was the action theme for Monster Cops. The bouncy rock rhythm and feel of CCR's Midnight Special but with a harder edge and faster pace. Rock and Blues for Cops on the move, and that's Monster Cops. Burnt out and blue on the job, cracking jokes about the bust, and all the while the Vampires burn and the Zombie heads explode.

Odd, strange, quirky, funny, and thrilling with monsters and guns thrown in.

All this means that I'm nowhere near done with Monster Cops. There is that specific feel and vision I'm going for and I feel like if I can really nail it, it will really be something great. Not that I wasn't already aiming for that, it's just tonight has been very motivating, and a little inspiring.

Still have many many other videos to work on of course. The video work never goes away, but I do hope to get on the ball with Monster Cops and get as much of my vision out there as possible, more shorts, more episodes, much, much more Monster Cops.

- Patrick

Friday, February 6, 2009

Zombies Ahead

10:54AM Thursday Feb 05, 2009
Jim Suhr

COLLINSVILLE, Illinois - Pranksters in at least three states are messing with electronic road signs meant to warn motorists of possible traffic problems by putting drivers on notice about Nazi zombies and raptors. And highway safety officials aren't amused.

The latest breach came on Tuesday during the morning rush hour near Collinsville, Illinois, where hackers changed a sign along southbound Interstate 255 to read, "DAILY LANE CLOSURES DUE TO ZOMBIES."

A day earlier in Indiana's Hamilton County, the electronic message on a board in Carmel's construction zone warned drivers of "RAPTORS AHEAD - CAUTION."

And signs in Austin, Texas, recently flashed: "NAZI ZOMBIES! RUN!!!" and "ZOMBIES IN AREA! RUN."

Officials in Illinois are concerned the rewritten signs distract motorists from heeding legitimate hazards down the road. The hacked sign on Tuesday originally warned drivers of crews replacing guardrails.

"We understood it was a hoax, but at the same time those boards are there for a reason," said Joe Gasaway, an Illinois Department of Transportation supervisory field engineer. "We don't want (drivers) being distracted by a funny sign."

Authorities haven't figured out how pranksters access the signs. Gasaway believes the Illinois sign was changed remotely, and Austin Public Works spokeswoman Sara Hartley suspected the hackers there cut a padlock to get into the signs' computers.

Some websites, such as, have published tutorials titled "How to Hack an Electronic Road Sign" as a way to alert security holes to traffic-safety officials. Jalopnik urges its readership of 2.6 million a month not to put its lesson to practice.

"Hacking generally is about showing where there are holes in security systems, and I think this is a great example of that," the site's editor-in-chief, Ray Wert, said. "I'm sure there are all sorts of ways to use that information in a way that's inappropriate, but we're trying to make clear this is an issue that needs to be confronted by traffic safety and transportation officials."

Wert said he had no immediate plans to take down Jalopnik's how-to guide.

In Illinois, tampering with an official traffic control device is a misdemeanour punishable by up to a US$250 fine - half what a culprit might have to pay in Texas if caught. If convicted in Indiana, a culprit faces up to a year in jail and $5,000 in fines.

- AP

News Story Link 1

News Story Link 2

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Video Blog

New Video blog is up.

We'll be casting for zombies and vampires soon. so stay tuned for that.


- P

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Still Working It

It was hectic as usual over the holidays, but we managed to get some shooting in for Monster Cops. Coming up I hope to have at least one more full episode and 3 minisodes for your consumption in the next few months. Of course the day job fills in alot of time and there is much commercial work to be done before we can go off and play Monster Cops again. There is a VLOG coming soon to show you what some of us have been up to. Here's a small taste in freeze frame form.

Greenly (Danielle Motley) with a gun. Not that she actually ever holds a gun in any of the episodes, this is actually just Danielle trying to kill Brandon.

AS posted previously, this is a frame from the graphics work for the MKX300 Weapons POV.

Brandon and Chris share a tender moment. What can I say, it's a Bromance.

Danielle tries to remember her lines, as Brandon is in the background ordering a pizza.

Me working on the next prop gun.

More stuff coming soon, so please stay tuned. And thanks to everyone showing us much Monster Cops love, keep those comments and emails coming. We love to read the feedback. You guys rock!