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Monday, September 3, 2012


Clip from the upcoming new episode. Due out September 21st, 2012.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Slowly Rising From The Grave

Yes, we are coming back. Looking to get one new episode out in September (October at the latest) maybe even some new Minisodes and Short Clips. We're working our way to starting up a Kickstarter so we can get all of our planned 8 episodes out to you. Check out the teaser and spread the word.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Working On It

Very slowly that is. We here at WTW Productions have been hard at work on SEVERAL projects. Of course working on our feature film REDD, as well as working on several ads. But we have managed to squeeze in some work on a new Monster Cops episode.

Ah the perils of working on a high concept, no budget series, free to the public. Despite our long hiatuses (sp?), rest assured I'm always working on Monster Cops any chance I can get. Trying to get to editing the footage for the next three episodes we've already shot, as well as squeezing in pick up shots for those episodes and shooting new footage for new episodes.

Over the years since the last episode debuted, we've experienced upgrades in our gear and our production quality. So I'm very excited to get new episodes out to you. The best I can do is to tell you there will be at least one new episode sometime this year. Yes I know that sucks, but it's something. And until I can get a stretch where we're not working on so many other projects and make enough money, it'll be long stretches between episodes.

But keep your fingers crossed, something great may happen this year that will allow us to really get the next 4 episodes out. In the meantime, I want to thank everyone who has messaged or commented, letting us know you love the concept and the show. We will continue to do our best to get to another episode. 


Patrick A. Prejusa

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September Update

First of all I want to say that, like so many others, this day will always be a day of remembrance.  I'll never forget the events that took place on 9/11/2001 and how it shaped this country. It's important that we never forget, and I don't think any of us will ever really be able to. God bless us all, and God bless the United States of America.

Here's what's going down production wise. We've got one shoot lined up this week, I'm hoping to get in more shots for our upcoming episodes. I'll be spending the rest of September editing other projects as well as the next Monster Cops episodes.  We will be doing more shooting come October, where I hope to do a HUGE zombie shoot. It's always a fun thing when we do big zombie shoots, it always ends up being more like a party then a production.

For a better idea of what that might be like, check out our last Zombie shoot, which features an impromptu dance tribute to Michael Jackson's THRILLER.

Again, thanks to all those who have been messaging me, letting me know that you do want to see more Monster Cops and how so many of you support us. We really appreciate it. At the end of the day, we do it for your entertainment, and we can't wait to get more out to you.

You guys are awesome.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Watcha Gonna Do?

We are on the verge of completing at least one more episode by October, with at least 3 more to follow. So it would be a good thing to have a bit of buzz going on for our little cult series.

So we find it frickin fabulous that a couple of site have taken notice of us.

Killer Aphrodite gave us a really great write up. Check that out here:

And Evil Episodes has also given us mad props as well:

We're quite excited about the new buzz and hope it continues. We are, after all, no budget, and we have to rely heavily on word of mouth. SO, if you like what you see here, and want to help us out, then please tell a friend. Post us on your Facebook, Tweet us on your Twitter, plaster out url on your naked body and run around screaming "I LOVE MONSTER COPS!"

Maybe not that last one (unless you want to). Don't blame us if you get arrested. But if you happen to be near some folks in jail, please tell them about us.

Excited about these episodes, we're going to kind of break some rules, but it's kind of ok, because this series will be completely free for you to see online. No need to purchase a download, or a DVD, these particular episodes will be totally free for your enjoyment. Why? Because everybody's frickin broke. And free stuff is awesome.

But how do we make money, you ask? We don't. We put it out there, hope you love it, and then see what happens.

That's how we role.

More, very very soon!

Friday, August 19, 2011

News - August 19th, 2011

Welcome to the winter of our discontent. Or rather the summer of our pleasurous joy. Pleasurous. Is that even a word?


We're proud to say that our video clip Werewolf Vs. Military has surpassed 230,000 views.

We've started work on a new episode called Dead By Dawn. We'll be putting out a an episode that'll be about 15 minutes long. This will feature quite a bit of Zombie and Vampire action and maybe even one or two Werewolves. has been revamped and will be undergoing some changes, but we hope to have the site completely finished by October, just in time to debut some new episodes.

Our little production company will be doing a Web Series on Youtube. No budget filmmaking tutorials and such, and it will feature many behind the scenes of Monster Cops as well as our feature film Redd. Check out the official Redd site here. We're smack dab in the middle of production for that at the same time as monster cops.

Holy crap we're busy.

Thanks everyone for the messages of support, we're all very glad to know their are so many Monster Cops fans out there. We'll try to get you some new content very soon.

More later.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Apparently is down. Mainly because some of Devhub's servers are down. And it looks like it may be down for the weekend.

Meanwhile, please enjoy our FACEBOOK PAGE: 


And if you'd like to purchase a DVD of THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL you can go here:

Friday, June 3, 2011

Let The Midnight Special Shine A Light on Me

Back in 2007 I released the very first installment of the Monster Cops franchise. The feature film Monster Cops: The Midnight Special.

The No-Budget Full time Comedy and part time Horror flick about a Secret Government Agency that hunts Monsters would eventually evolve into the Monster Cops Series.

Now The Midnight Special is back out on DVD.

It was a huge effort for no money. And although we lacked back then the things we have now (monsters, fx) we did the very best with what we had. And what exactly was that?


I'm biased I know, but this movie still makes me laugh, and I'm proud to have this be the very first installment of these Monster Killing Cops.

This would evolve into the very first episode of Monster Cop called SHADOW COMPANY.

Watch Shadow Company here for free.

Monster Cops: Shadow Company would wrap up a bit of storyline from The Midnight Special, mainly the death of Cutter's wife, and would come a little closer to having more Monster and Action elements.

The next episode would evolve even further. Exploring newer characters and adding even more action and horror elements into the mix. MONSTERS Vs. COPS would also bring in some of that endearing character drama while mixing in that goofy comedy we love so much.

Watch Monsters Vs. Cops here for free.

And now we re-release The Midnight Special. To honor where we have come from, and help us prepare for the next level.  A new set of episodes will be released this year, some for free on online like we've been doing, but you'll have a chance to see the full series once we release it on DVD later this Winter.

And I'm hoping we'll get to see the final evolution of this series, and you'll see how we've come full circle and will get to that specific artistic execution I've been looking for.

We'll be working on episodes, shorts, and features for Monster Cops for a while, but I'm hoping soon we can bring you that perfect amount of drama, comedy, horror, and action.

Show your support for Monster Cops and for Indie Film. Get your DVD copy of MONSTER COPS: THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. And remember, like everything we sell, a dollar will go to The American Cancer Society as well as other Cancer Charities that need the help.

If you can access Amazon Instant Watch on your XBOX, PC, ROKU, HDTV or GoogleTV, then look up Monster Cops and you'll be able to rent or purchase it through their streaming service as well.

Help us out. Spread the word. Click the link below and tell your friends!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Julie Keels

I'm sad to report that our dear friend Julie Keels has passed away. She was not only our set photographer, but a great person, and a dear friend.

We've placed a tribute to her on the front page of

An article about her accident:

A post by me, Patrick, and about Julie and her awesomeness:

She took pictures on set, but she also played one of our first Vampires in that first episode SHADOW COMPANY, and she played an Agent in the office scenes we shot last year. That episode will be out in a few months and will surely be dedicated to her.

Our condolences to the family and all of her friends. Julie you were a bad ass individual and you will be greatly missed.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We're working on updating the site. We've moved back to our old home at Devhub. So when you type in MONSTERCOPS.COM you should be taken to the old website format, which I'll be updating over the next few weeks.

Thank for all the emails and messages. We'll have new content up soon.

- Patrick

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zombie Nest Found

Uploaded another quick clip. This time of the Camera Probe entering a deep cavern and capturing the discovery of a Zombie Nest. This piece of footage can be seen in the last episode of Monster Cops: MONSTERS Vs. COPS.

Working on the upcoming episode Monster Cops: DREAD.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BATEMAN: Possessed Chipmunks

Agent Batemen reminisces about a previous case in this Monster Cops Short Clip.