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Friday, June 3, 2011

Let The Midnight Special Shine A Light on Me

Back in 2007 I released the very first installment of the Monster Cops franchise. The feature film Monster Cops: The Midnight Special.

The No-Budget Full time Comedy and part time Horror flick about a Secret Government Agency that hunts Monsters would eventually evolve into the Monster Cops Series.

Now The Midnight Special is back out on DVD.

It was a huge effort for no money. And although we lacked back then the things we have now (monsters, fx) we did the very best with what we had. And what exactly was that?


I'm biased I know, but this movie still makes me laugh, and I'm proud to have this be the very first installment of these Monster Killing Cops.

This would evolve into the very first episode of Monster Cop called SHADOW COMPANY.

Watch Shadow Company here for free.

Monster Cops: Shadow Company would wrap up a bit of storyline from The Midnight Special, mainly the death of Cutter's wife, and would come a little closer to having more Monster and Action elements.

The next episode would evolve even further. Exploring newer characters and adding even more action and horror elements into the mix. MONSTERS Vs. COPS would also bring in some of that endearing character drama while mixing in that goofy comedy we love so much.

Watch Monsters Vs. Cops here for free.

And now we re-release The Midnight Special. To honor where we have come from, and help us prepare for the next level.  A new set of episodes will be released this year, some for free on online like we've been doing, but you'll have a chance to see the full series once we release it on DVD later this Winter.

And I'm hoping we'll get to see the final evolution of this series, and you'll see how we've come full circle and will get to that specific artistic execution I've been looking for.

We'll be working on episodes, shorts, and features for Monster Cops for a while, but I'm hoping soon we can bring you that perfect amount of drama, comedy, horror, and action.

Show your support for Monster Cops and for Indie Film. Get your DVD copy of MONSTER COPS: THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. And remember, like everything we sell, a dollar will go to The American Cancer Society as well as other Cancer Charities that need the help.

If you can access Amazon Instant Watch on your XBOX, PC, ROKU, HDTV or GoogleTV, then look up Monster Cops and you'll be able to rent or purchase it through their streaming service as well.

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