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Monday, August 23, 2010

Latest Production Pics

Here are a few freeze frames from our shoot at our office location. Wanna see more, than LIKE our Facebook Page. You can check out many more photos and video there.
 Danielle Motley is GREENLY

From left to right. Jenny, Sterling, Julie, and Ron. A scene where agents dicuss what a Chimera Demon is.

Brandon, Darin, and Richard looking over intel before a monster hunt.

Kimberly Parker is Janet, the Press and Communications Specialist.

April Crum is KATE RAND, Vampire Killing expert. Here she displays killing techniques on JONES.

April Crum, Richard Gaither, and Sarah Vroom.

In the situation room, everyone watches the action.

April Crum is KATE RAND.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The full episode of Monsters Vs. Cops is up at Bigstar.TV's Short Film Contest. We would greatly appreciate it if everyone would click the link below and give us a 5 star rating. We've got two days left, and we've got a good shot at winning that contest and helping spread the word about Monster Cops.

Click here:

After you click the 5 star rating, you may be asked to register, which shouldn't take but a second and it's free, otherwise your rating won't count.

Thank you all so much for supporting us. More Production Vlog's coming up.

- Patrick

Monster Cops Vlog: The Office Part 1

Monday, August 9, 2010

August Rush

This past 4th, 5th, and 6th (Wed, Thurs, Fri) we started back up production on the next few episodes. We were at our office location knocking out the majority of our headquarter scenes. A great time was had by all. Well I know I had a great time. And we got quite a bit done. Shot scenes for the new episode entitled Chimera. As well as scenes for Blood Moon and Dead By Dawn.

We should have 2 more episodes online for all to see before October, with a DVD release of the full first series. With a complete 6 episodes at least. I'm working out the specs for the DVD. It's looking like a 2 disc set, with plenty of special features and videos not available online, including an extended gag reel, which many of you seem to love so much.

Also working on a total revamp of the website to enhance your viewing experience for the soon to come new episodes.

Thank you all so much for the messages. So glad we gain new fans everyday and that you guys like what we're putting out. Hopefully we can keep it up and continue to bring the full series that I imagine.

Whether we end up on TV or we reach our viewers through the power of the interwebs, I'm just happy to be entertaining all of you with our tales of comedy, action, and horror. So much more to come. So stay tuned.

Look for a new Video Blog in the next few days.

- Patrick