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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Watcha Gonna Do?

We are on the verge of completing at least one more episode by October, with at least 3 more to follow. So it would be a good thing to have a bit of buzz going on for our little cult series.

So we find it frickin fabulous that a couple of site have taken notice of us.

Killer Aphrodite gave us a really great write up. Check that out here:

And Evil Episodes has also given us mad props as well:

We're quite excited about the new buzz and hope it continues. We are, after all, no budget, and we have to rely heavily on word of mouth. SO, if you like what you see here, and want to help us out, then please tell a friend. Post us on your Facebook, Tweet us on your Twitter, plaster out url on your naked body and run around screaming "I LOVE MONSTER COPS!"

Maybe not that last one (unless you want to). Don't blame us if you get arrested. But if you happen to be near some folks in jail, please tell them about us.

Excited about these episodes, we're going to kind of break some rules, but it's kind of ok, because this series will be completely free for you to see online. No need to purchase a download, or a DVD, these particular episodes will be totally free for your enjoyment. Why? Because everybody's frickin broke. And free stuff is awesome.

But how do we make money, you ask? We don't. We put it out there, hope you love it, and then see what happens.

That's how we role.

More, very very soon!

Friday, August 19, 2011

News - August 19th, 2011

Welcome to the winter of our discontent. Or rather the summer of our pleasurous joy. Pleasurous. Is that even a word?


We're proud to say that our video clip Werewolf Vs. Military has surpassed 230,000 views.

We've started work on a new episode called Dead By Dawn. We'll be putting out a an episode that'll be about 15 minutes long. This will feature quite a bit of Zombie and Vampire action and maybe even one or two Werewolves. has been revamped and will be undergoing some changes, but we hope to have the site completely finished by October, just in time to debut some new episodes.

Our little production company will be doing a Web Series on Youtube. No budget filmmaking tutorials and such, and it will feature many behind the scenes of Monster Cops as well as our feature film Redd. Check out the official Redd site here. We're smack dab in the middle of production for that at the same time as monster cops.

Holy crap we're busy.

Thanks everyone for the messages of support, we're all very glad to know their are so many Monster Cops fans out there. We'll try to get you some new content very soon.

More later.