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Friday, September 24, 2010

Twists in the Plot

Due to several factors including a two week delay because of my crashed computer, Monster Cops is on hold.  Of course it is. Go back and read previous blogs and you will see a familiar pattern.  We are, after all, doing this with no money. But of course, it is not the end.  Inching my way through editing the footage that we do have, right now it is kind of a struggle to get everyone scheduled as well as work around my own schedule. That two weeks without my desktop didn't help anything at all.

But we are indeed still plotting, prodding, preparing. Pretty sure one of those words doesn't belong.

We're still working on new episodes, and working on that ever so elusive DVD compilation of Monster Cops Series 1. It's just going to take some time.  But if you are just dying to see some of the other cool stuff I and the rest of the Cops are working on, then by all means head on over to my blog

There you will also find more detailed explanations as to what the heck is going on, why we are delayed, and why I've fallen in love with a piece of equipment called the Canon T2i.

Thank you so much to those of you who have messaged me with concern for Monster Cops. I promise there will be more of us to be seen. Hopefully sooner than later.

- Patrick