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Monster Cops is a Web Series that takes a mockumentary look into the world of Shadow Company, a secret government agency dedicated to investigating and protecting the world from Monsters.

My Mother in Law passed away from Cancer. My Mother is a Breast Cancer survivor. Everyone I know has been affected by this terrible disease. And since I have no talent as a doctor, I'll use my creative talents to do what I can to further the cause in finding a cure. One of my goals is to raise money for Cancer Charities as well make movies. A dollar from everything we sell, DVD's, T-shirts, etc. goes to a Cancer Charity.

Notes from the creator, Patrick A. Prejusa

I've been writing, producing, directing, editing, and scoring this series since 2008. It's a mockumentary about a secret government agency that investigates and destroys monsters. It's shot COPS style, as a training video where the viewer is being treated as a new recruit. A camera crew following around these elite officers as they hunt down and kill Monsters, covertly, witnessing every bit of emotion that would come with the job, including a surprising amount of comedy, mixed in with the right amount of horror, and some endearing character driven drama.

This started as a feature film in 2006 called Monster Cops: The Midnight Special, which I produced with no money, screened in festivals, and self distributed on DVD. Got some very good reviews, but starting out on such a low budget it didn't quite capture what I was going for. In 2008 I started up with the intention of producing a series of episodes and minisodes that would better communicate what my idea is. A realistic look into the comedy, the horror, the thrills, and the action of soldiers and cops vs. vampires, zombies, and werewolves, with a little bit of that old endearing character driven drama.

I've written well over 20 episodes, and eventually we'll get around to producing them all, whether we have the money or not. I just really have a strong vision for what this story is, and can see how entertaining Monster Cops is and can be. So many angles to create from. The endless combination of subjects that can be used. Pulling from my love of Horror and B movies, covering your traditional monster subjects, Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves. Going into the paranormal, Exorcisms, Poltergeists, Psychic Phenomena. Cryptozoology and Monster Sightings, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Mothman, etc. And of course the Military and Police work aspect, the investigations, the cover ups, the tactics, and the weapons and techniques that go into the hunt itself. And let's not forget that this is partially a Comedy as well. I love writing Comedy, and to do it up against a back drop of Military Action and Horror Movie scares, gives me a large field to play on. The Comedy will always come from the characters and their motives. The Military and Police work will (usually) be taken seriously, and don't expect to see comical zombies or a tap dancing werewolf.

It's by no means an original idea. I borrow heavily from the "Found Footage" Genre, steal shots from Reality TV, and find Inspiration in Reality Cop Shows. In a genre that spans everything from Blair Witch and Cloverfield to The Office and Reno 911, Monster Cops is a both a tribute and a send up of all of that and everything in between. But it evolves into so much more than just another "shaky camera" series. Somewhere in there I hope to hit you with some character driven drama, and stories that somehow reach for just a little bit of inspiration. Whether we stay on the web, distribute on DVD, or somehow make it to a TV broadcast, in the end I just want to make you a really good show.

There's alot I plan to do with this Monster Cops idea, and I hope you'll enjoy the ride.

- Patrick A. Prejusa