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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Still Working It

It was hectic as usual over the holidays, but we managed to get some shooting in for Monster Cops. Coming up I hope to have at least one more full episode and 3 minisodes for your consumption in the next few months. Of course the day job fills in alot of time and there is much commercial work to be done before we can go off and play Monster Cops again. There is a VLOG coming soon to show you what some of us have been up to. Here's a small taste in freeze frame form.

Greenly (Danielle Motley) with a gun. Not that she actually ever holds a gun in any of the episodes, this is actually just Danielle trying to kill Brandon.

AS posted previously, this is a frame from the graphics work for the MKX300 Weapons POV.

Brandon and Chris share a tender moment. What can I say, it's a Bromance.

Danielle tries to remember her lines, as Brandon is in the background ordering a pizza.

Me working on the next prop gun.

More stuff coming soon, so please stay tuned. And thanks to everyone showing us much Monster Cops love, keep those comments and emails coming. We love to read the feedback. You guys rock!

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