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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's Make It Happen

We've been hard at work trying to raise that money. 18 days left on Kickstarter and we really need more pledges.

If you can, make a pledge. You can pledge as low as $1. If you can't then please tell a friend. Heck tell all your friends.

Here are the last few Vlogs we've put out:

Monster Cops makes a love connection.

Chris, Brandon, (and even Patrick) dance for your pledges.

Danielle joins in and pleads for your money.

Here's a clip from the last Episode "Monsters Vs. Cops"

If we raise the money then we'll be working on at least 3 episodes this summer. If we don't raise it, we'll do what we've always done and make the best with what little we've got. We'll be producing at least one more episode this Summer, whether we get the money or not.

Next episode is Monster Cops: Dead By Dawn. It's the Vampire episode, and I really can't wait to get started on it.

A couple people have messaged me and asked what the long term goal for Monster Cops is and do we always plan on putting our stuff online for free.

The plan is to continue to make as much content that we can and put the majority of it online. If we put out a DVD, I'd definitely want to have content that you would only see on the DVD. So if we produced a total of 8 episodes, I'd probably put 5 of them online, with the full line up available on DVD or for Digital Download. But I'd want to continue to create as many Minisodes/Webisodes as we can, and continue to make those available for free.

I want to be able to provide as much free content as possible, make enough money off of it to create bigger and better content, and at the sametime provide content you can purchase and own yourself. All the while raising money for charities. If you come to the website, I want you to be able to have alot of content to consume. If you want to purchase a DVD or Digital Download, then I want you to have something unique and special for your money.

I'm always looking into to new ways to get our content out, and I've been studying as many new (and old) business models and distribution strategies as I can.

However we can, we'll continue to make Monster Cops and get it out to you anyway possible.

Well, as long as you like it, which judging by alot of the comments and messages, you do. So thank you.

- Patrick

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