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Saturday, October 16, 2010

WTW Productions

Still only inching forward with Monster Cops production, but we have resumed editing for the next few episodes.  And while you wait for new content on the MC front, we'd also like to point out what else is going on in other productions.

Firstly if you're not aware, our little company is called WTW Productions (Whether The Weather Productions). Haven't registered a domain yet, but feel free to take a look at our preliminary site here:

I threw together a small demo reel.

If you check out the site you'll see a list of some of our other projects, most notably a short film I've been planning to shoot since last year called REDD. It's my little twist on the Red Riding Hood story, a more of an adventure, horror, action version where our Red Riding Hood (aka REDD played by April Crum), takes on an evil forest filled with demonic Werewolves.  Check out some of the stills I took this past week.

REDD is going to be about 8 minutes long, with a shorter 4 minute viral version. It's part short, part mock trailer.  It's an idea I've had for a while, and the point in producing it is to really create something big budget cinematic using all of our no-budget resources. The costumes, fx, props, all of it done like we do Monster Cops, with no money, and a ton of work and creativity. I really want to show how we can make a big movie for nothing.

This is being shot using the Canon T2i.  A really great camera which I've already used to shoot this commercial for Midway Wicked Woods, which is airing on the local Fox Affiliate WGHP here in the Triad, NC.


So we've got alot going on, but we haven't given up on Monster Cops. There will be more soon, and definitely a new episode up before the year is over.  Thanks again for all the messages, through our contact, our facebook and on youtube. We're glad people are still excited about Monster Cops and we hope you'll enjoy Redd as well as our other upcoming productions as well.

- Patrick

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