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Monday, July 12, 2010

Quick Update for July

July is a busy month for me anyhow, seems to be the Birthday month, not only for myself, but alot of people. On top of all that I do have alot of video work, projects and ads to finish up, and of course, Monster Cops.

Working on editing an episode right now. Getting ready to start shooting another one. We'll have a good amount of content for the DVD coming up this Fall, and yes, as some have asked, there is already one planned screening for 3 episodes in North Carolina. More on all that later.

Just know we're hard at work, and of course, we are still fundraising. So here comes the obligatory Fund Raising Widget.

Special Thanks to Marcellus Suber for making a $50 pledge. THANK YOU SIR!!!!!

Please make a pledge to secure your DVD, become a Monster Cop, Get a T-shirt, and or become a producer. And PLEASE Spread The Word!

- Patrick

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