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Monday, June 14, 2010

Time's Up

The post I made over at Kickstarter.

And so we reach the end of our time here on Kickstarter without reaching our target goal. But the upside is we did get some backers, and we were able to get the word out to maybe a few more people that may have not known about Monster Cops before. Also I had fun making the Vlogs.

Thank you all so, so, so much for showing your support. Thank you to those that have messaged with kudos and positive comments, and especially to our wonderful and amazing backers. It means alot to me to know you guys would put money up to help this project.

Rest assured, this does not mean the end of Monster Cops. As I've stated in previous Vlogs and Blogs, we'll continue to produce this the way we've always done it, with our creativity, our ingenuity, and our passion and love for this series. I get messages every week from different people who find our little series and love it. So we'll do what we can to make em, and get em out to it's intended audience.

As much as we can do with no money, we will still try to scrounge up what we can to help with the marketing, pay for festival fees, and cover a few production costs (mainly food for the cast and crew). In order to really get the job done we will need more than just a few bucks from our day job checks. So if you would like to continue to support us and want to see more of this series, you can make your pledge over at IndieGOGO. It's yet another fundraising platform where you get rewards for your pledge, but there we actually get the money regardless of reaching our goal and you definitely get your reward.

We've restructured the rewards we are giving so we can actually guarantee you those specific rewards for your pledge. So if you want to reserve your copy of Monster Cops Series 1, then you can do so at IndieGOGO.

And if you don't want to transfer your pledge over to our IndieGOGO, that's perfectly understandable, let me at least make a few suggestions on causes and projects you should support.

First off, we're all about donating a portion of DVD and merchandise sales to Cancer Charities, and in the future to other causes, so if you can donate to or Or head on over to and find something worthwhile to donate to.

Also this guy is amazing, and totally deserves his own show:

And other projects on Kickstarter that deserve pledges:
Theater Town: A Documentary about a High School Reunion Show 60 years in the Making.
HENRI 2.0 -- A Science Fiction Short Film
Good Luck, and Godspeed
The Good News "Because good things still happen."
Planet X - A short film, a feature film.

Again thank you soooo much to all of our backers, all of you are awesome, and I truly appreciate you and your support for this series. And thank you so much to Kickstarter for allowing us the opportunity to get the ball rolling on fund raising. So what if we were unsuccessful here, in my opinion it was still a win, we got to spread the word a little further, and we had fun doing it, so thank you to Kickstarter.

Please keep checking back at or over at
Thank you all so much.

- Patrick A. Prejusa

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