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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Girl You Know It's True

Yes I just quoted a Milli Vanilli song. What does that have to do with Monster Cops?

Absolutely nothing.

Quick update. Trying to take advantage of this extra time I've got on my hands, decided to really make a run for it and do as much work on Monster Cops as possible. Yes there has been a bit of a hiatus do to the usual life/reality stuff, (Day jobs, Scheduling, Holidays, Weather, Dams, Beavers, etc.)

Was able to update not only the site, but the Minisodes (formerly webisodes) with two newish videos. One is called WOLF BAIT, where Hoss shows us his technique for luring out Werewolves. The second is called CHOPS, where Bateman and Cutter subdue a potential Vampire, who may or may have not shaved his chops off, and may have eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Some funny stuff, yes, but it is delving a little too much into the wackiness with no sign of Monsters, and we are after all, Monster Cops. I want to make sure that some of the videos coming up will feature just a bit more horror and Monsters go along with the comedy, so a Zombie themed full length episode is coming, as is a an even more Zombie filled video / Zombie Training School.

The plan is to really get back on the ball with Monster Cops, more episodes, more minisodes, and much more entertainment to really show you the full extent of just how awesome and entertaining Monster Cops can be. We'll try not to let the supposed trappings of reality get in the way of that. Perhaps (God willing) we'll even have some merchandise and a Series 1 DVD available for purchase, as so many of you have messaged me about over the past coupla years.

I'm really going to bust my ass to make it all happen. Cuz, girl ... you know it's true.

Yeah, I'm sorry, I was just trying to come full circle and find a way to fit in the Milli Vanilli reference and it just came off kind of stupid and cheesy, and now I'm rambling.

I'll stop now.

- Patrick

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  1. AWESOME!! cannot wait to see more episodes!! Keep doing what you guys do best!