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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dead By Dawn pics!!!

A few stills from the other night (and by other night I mean like weeks ago, i think). Got some initial shots of some of the officers. Got in some tactical footage. Stuff looks great with the guns and the gear and such. Here are the shots I took with the digital still.

Richard Gaither joins us once more. And this time around former zombies turned soldiers get in on the Cops action, Arlanda Robinson and Jacob Hauser. Enjoy the hotness. ;)

Look mean.
Now smile.
Show me sexy.
Now shoot me, yes shoot me.
Show me Charlie's Angels / Star Wars.
HOLD THAT POSE and look sexy!
Patrick get in there!
Love this pic.  Richard is giving us his Blue Steel, Arlanda is auditioning for En Vogue, I look like a bridge troll trying not to laugh, Lord knows what Chris is aiming at, Brandon is stuck in an R. Kelly video, and Jacob just saw a comet.
Yes, we have fun on set.

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